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Grow your startup with help from biggies!

// May 30th, 2015 // Comments // Startup

The number of startups in India and globally are growing at a pace never before. While startups are creating innovative products, bigger corporations have gone for platform play. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter – everyone wants you to be on their platform. Anyways you will be using one of them instead of re-inventing the wheel. Most […]

What Appcelerator can do for you?

// April 10th, 2014 // Comments // Technology

The last few years have shown a marked drop in computer sales. But the IT industry is booming! Surprised? The answer is in your hands. Smartphones sales have increased to more than computers. Because they are affordable and portable. With everything going mobile, businesses are clamoring to reach more customers via mobile apps. But here […]

Facebook Likes Whatsapp

// March 1st, 2014 // Comments // Technology

Most of us already know about merger of Whatsapp with Facebook. Here is my article on it on The Flag Post Magazine. Click to enlarge & read

Will Tizen Make it?

// February 8th, 2014 // Comments // Technology

We already know of the big guns in smartphone operating systems. Android dominates with Apple closing in on its heel. The rest of the space is shared by Symbian, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS. Nokia has killed its own Symbian OS and Blackberry is dying out. But that hasn’t stopped a whole lot of new […]

Should We care about Bitcoins?

// January 25th, 2014 // Comments // Technology

What is Bitcoin? That is the question everyone is asking, including CES 2014. Many call it fake money. Some say it is virtual money with no backing. The reason Bitcoin is hard to understand is because it is truly revolutionary. Paper money must have been seen the same way when it replaced Gold coins. But […]

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