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Facebook Trick : Play Pranks with your Facebook Friends

// July 17th, 2010 // Comments // Old

I just found a interesting facebook trick over the internet and sharing the same with you. This trick helps you to play pranks with your facebook friends just by updating your status. All that matters is a link, which make people fool πŸ™‚

Post your Status with this link :

Just try it out Yourself. Whenever a person is Logged into his facebook account, when this link is accessed, this will redirect the person to his Own Profile Page.

So you could add your Status Message like this ,

β€œI just love this person so much.β€³

Upon reading the status message your friends will be obviously curious to know who that person is ! Some times they don’t even realize they have been fooled and start asking questions πŸ™‚

Note :

  • While sharing the link on your wall, don’t forget to remove the Thumbnail linked with it.
  • Post the status with a plain text and the link.

I have personally tried out this trick and simply love it. Hope you people will also have fun with this trick . Share your Comments :)

Credits : Siddharth Raman