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E-commerce is booming in India, which is evident in the different websites that have sprung up that sell stuff online for damn cheap prices compared to others. Techies like me are always looking out for the cheapest deals online. I have been a regular online shopper, Ebay being one of my favorites shopping destination. But there are bad people out there, whom I experienced for the first time, and sharing the same with you people and to create awareness. The story begins:

Last month I was looking to buy Ipod Shuffle. As usual I started my online shop hunting with official apple website. But unfortunately Apple India does not provide an online shopping facility. Then I started exploring sites like Ebay, FlipKart etc., which had a pricing around Rs.3200. I also came through LetsBuy which was offering the same at Rs.2999 upon which i was getting Rs.450 off through a discount voucher, which made the cheapest price available on the internet i.e @ Rs.2549

It was my first buy from this site ( But i will never buy from this site again. It has the worst service i have seen so far). I had seen a lots of ads online, saw their facebook community and they seemed to be a reputed brand(It has become difficult to trust the advertisements these days !). I was convinced at that point of time and placed the order on 25th May 2011. it took a day or two to confirm the of the payment which is common in most of the sites. Finally I lost my patience and tried contacting them through email on 30th May 2011, no response ! Again I tried reaching them on 1st June, no response! I prefer email as communication mode since its convenient & saves my time. When I’m making an online purchase, I expect people to respond to emails, which is an online communication media!. Finally realizing I may not get any response to my email, I gave them a ring. Their telephonic support also sucks, after waiting for hours the calls get suddenly disconnected! After spending a lot of time and efforts I  reached one of their operator. They informed that they will be shipping the item shortly and I will receive a email on the same (which was received after 20+days). However they also told me that they did not received any email! (I’m putting up the screens of the email I sent)

email support letsbuy

LetsBuy Support Sucks !

I would like to point of couple of things as I said in previous paragraph.

  • They do not have a ticket system
  • They do not have live chat
  • Their support system is not synced with previous support requests
    • Every time I gave a call it was like a new call, explaining the operator the whole story from the start
  • Emails are never responded
  • You are not communicated on shipment details
  • They will never contact you back, instead you will have to try to reach them a 100 times
  • They do not have 24 by 7 Support ( would not be of use anyways with respect to above points)

Coming back to my order status – Finally on the 22nd of June I receive a email providing the shipping details.  It gives me tracking details and everything. But its one month later!

confirmation date letsbuy

I could deal with that until after tracking the item I receive this report…

Apparently Bluedart showed my item was sent a fortnight ago. Curious to see what was the matter I went to the company site. According to the pic (below), its still in process. Its now the end of June. And I ordered this a month ago. How can this still be “in process”? As usual customer support is non-existent in the real sense.

item report letsbuy

Should I believe Bluedart or LetsBuy? Can anyone from LetsBuy give a explanation to this, not just saying it was a mistake? How can you commit such mistakes?

A small Piece of advice to LetsBuy – Put a small amount of marketing budget you are spending (I know its too big) to build a support team too !

I would advice the people reading this to stay away from LetsBuy at this point of of time. If you had a similar experiences, or any other things to share kindly comment below.


Its not even a day after I posted this and shared on sites like facebook, linkedin, moutshut etc, something happened which I never expected(atleast so fast). Today noon (Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 12:39 PM) I recieved a mail from Hitesh Dhingra, CEO of LetsBuy, which again I’m putting up here.

I really appreciate the time & efforts taken by the CEO to look into a issue 1 customer amongst lakhs. In fact I did not get to know from where did he get my new company DigitalAvatar’ email address instead of the email address associated with the letsbuy account !

Followed by this I got a call on 7.32pm from one of their executive. He was patient enough to listen to all the things stated above and good enough to convince me that things won’t happen the same again. I just wished this would have happened a bit earlier, but its never too late. I’m here to review them again may be after giving them some time 🙂

I also thanks my readers & friends (like Shashidhar Bhat) who offered help to resolve the issues. Thanks Again & Cheers to Social Media.

Just to clarify all the users, the item was gifted to my sister and she did receive it on 8th June 2011 as per to Bluedart Data. My whole point was all around the mess in the letsbuy system. I will anyway give them a try again!