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Naming Your Startup

// August 6th, 2017 // Comments // Startup

Starting Up?

Naming your startup is as difficult as naming a baby or even more than that. Today, tech entrepreneurs seem to better understand the power of branding, choosing names like Housing, Ola, Grofers, Little — you know, actual words.

Some of the key points to keep in mind while naming:

  • Shorter the better
  • Should be easy to remember
  • Try avoiding spelling variations
  • Avoid hard to spell names

Some good to have factors for naming:

  • Name should convey some meaning
  • Name should be usable for broad nature of business as you may expand in future.
  • Try avoiding spelling variations
  • Avoid hard to spell names

Many articles out there seemingly stress on having a .com domain name available. I disagree. Having a good name matters more than having a .com. If you are successful you can always buy .com name at a premium price.

Take a look at all these successful startups which either had a temporary domain name, or which still have a different domain name to their name,” before offering this list:

  • YourStory was
  • Swiggy was
  • Square was
  • DropBox was
  • Facebook was
  • Instagram was
  • Twitter was
  • Foursquare was

If you are planning to have a mobile app, keep the name as short as possible. Long names get truncated while displaying on the phone and you don’t want that to happen. Domain names almost doesn’t matter if you are app only. People will recognise your startup by the app name, not the domain name.

Moreover .com is not the only tld anymore. New tlds like .design, .news, .me, .app, .io are being adopted very fast. it is also cool factor to domain name with these tlds. The tlds would not have much impact on SEO(other than country specific tlds). I have been using .me since 2009 and happy with it 🙂

I hope this article helps you to decide on your startup name. Do share your startup name through a comment.