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A Glimpse into the Traditional Indian Wedding

// January 18th, 2014 // Comments // Events, Personal

For many of our friends, this was the first time that they’ve attended a traditional Indian village wedding. Both of us are of the same tradition. For those who missed it this is what happened…

 The day began early, with the usual morning ablutions. We couldn’t see each other for the rest of the morning. Our preparations started separately in different rooms of the house.

preparation puja pallavi

Both of our parents, along with Pallavi began the first pooja of the day. Here, Pallavi was blessed and prepared for the Holy rituals of the wedding ceremony.

Gifts of gold to bride in wedding

Three very important items are given as a gift to her. A saree for another important ceremony, Basinga or a fillet (head-band) and Gold Jewelry. The ceremony ends with the Basinga being tied to Pallavi’s head.

3 gifts to the bride


I perform a pooja along with the priest.

puja preparations morning


Later I am led to the Mantap or the wedding platform, where our parents begin the next round of rituals. There they wash my feet as a token of welcome. While priests chant the mantras, the parents tie darbe rings and place it on my fingers. I am given an offering of Milk and Banana. The ceremony ends with Pallavi’s brother handing me gifts of clothes.

Ceremony of Welcome

While I am busy at the Mantap, Pallavi is being dressed up for the wedding. All her sisters and friends help her get attired in the traditional brahmin wedding style, which involves two sarees.





She is handed a blessed coconut and a mala or garland of flowers. She mustn’t drop the coconut. This is the rite of Kaigayi.

Now the bride is led to the mantap. Her uncles carry her in a procession up to the mantap. I am hidden behind a Parade or Veil. She is waiting on the other side. The priest chants the mantras as Pallavi’s Father officiates the Mala Ceremony. After the end of every stanza people throw akshata or red-dyed rice over the us. Finally the parade is lowered and Pallavi first places the mala over my head. After I place the garland over her head, the next rite begins. We sit down and the rituals begin in earnest.

We are offered the Panchgavya, a purifying drink made of 5 ingredients. This signifies that both of us are sanctified. We are also presented with kitchen items as a sign of blessing on our future home.

The mother of the bride then takes the mangalsutra or necklace and going to all the elders around, asks them to bless it. When it has been blessed she hands it to me. I put the mangalsutra around Pallavi’s neck. Once worn the mangalsutra must not be removed. It is a sign of the care and concern I have towards her, and the love she bears me in return.

Kanyadana is the most important ritual in the entire ceremony. It literally means “gift of a maiden”. According to the ancients, the bride is the most beautiful gift of God Vishnu to the husband. He must treat her with great respect and love. She must consider her husband as Vishnu himself. Rice is placed in both of our hands, topped with a coconut. Over that water is poured. Then we have to throw that rice over each others’ head. This was repeated 9 times. Once I missed her head and the wet rice landed on her face!

Pallavi’s Mother then places two toe rings on each foot. These Kalungura are a token of marriage. They serve a similar purpose as the gold ring of the western culture’s wedding ceremony.

Our parents tie the pallu or end of Pallavi’s saree to the end of my dhoti. This rite marks the moment of the joining of our lives. Everything we do from now, we will do together. However, we will be tied together only till lunch.

The rite of Saptapadi involves me leading Pallavi as she takes seven steps on rupee notes and rice. She leans on my arm for support as she steps on them only with her right foot.

Here’s a reminder that we are still in the 21st century. I add a new rite by updating my status on facebook to “married” on my chromebook pixel!

Our parents then place Pallavi’s hand in my hand. Signifying the rite of Hennu Vopisuvudu, where Pallavi is placed in my care.

We are led to the house, where we are sanctified with kumkum. We put water on our eyes as a sign of warding off “Drasti”.Everyone has seen this rite on TV. It is called Homa. We walk around the Holy Fire, offering Hodalu (food) to the Gods after every cycle.

And now to stuff our faces!

Graha Pravesh is the last rite of the wedding ceremony. The auspicious timing, as with the Muhurtham, was decided by the astrologers earlier. The Muhurtham was at 10:20 in the morning. The graha pravesh was in the evening. We changed into the clothes that were gifted to us in the morning. Traditionally this is the welcoming ceremony of all Indian Households. One becomes a member of the family only after crossing the threshold of the Pooja room. It was exciting taking part in this ritual. The basingas from our heads are removed and tied to the top beam of the house. This is never removed. It is sign of the permanent place of a couple in a home.

 graha pravesha

It ended with a dinner. This exhilarating but exhausting experience came to an end as the night descended upon the village. Everything became quiet then except for the laughing crowd who were eating, joking and having fun!

Website in 10 Minutes

// January 21st, 2010 // Comments // Events

Yes it’s possible! You can build rock solid, dynamic websites within few minutes! All credit goes to the open source software’s like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others. But unfortunately not many people know about this. I have been conducting many seminars, workshops to create awareness that web development is not a rocket science and can be done even by a common man. “Website in 10 Minutes” campaign has been quite successful in this regards.


Now it is the time to take this campaign to next level. My motto is “Every Computer Educated Indian should have a website”. For this I’m expanding my horizons to organize training programs in any corner of the country. The only thing I’m expecting is someone to invite me and take care of the organization of the session. To provide an overview of the possibilities, here are some ways:

· Website in 10 minutesopen_source

This shall involve a live demo wherein I shall demonstrate building a Website in 10 minute using WordPress. The session will provide an overview of WordPress with themes and plugins with an overview of open source. The ideal time for the session is 1 hour which involves 30 minutes of interactive talk & demonstration and another 30 minutes for solving the queries of the audience.

· Half day workshop

This workshop will be around 3hours. The participants will have hands on experience, as I make them create their own website in the workshop. Each candidate should have an system or laptop to work along with me. The workshop shall cover the following topics

· Introduction

· Setting up Apache, MySql & PHP (using XAMPP or WAMP server)

· WordPress Installation

· Using WordPress

· Theming

· Plugins

· Widgets

· Full day workshopwordpress

This workshop will be of around 5 to hours. By the end of the workshop the participant shall have his/her website accessible online! This workshop shall also cover the search engine optimization basics and tips to market and monetize the website. The topics covered will be :

·       Introduction

·       Hosting & Domains

·       WordPress Installation

·       Using WordPress

·       Theming

·       Plugins

·       Widgets

·       Using Analytics

·       S.E.O.

·       Promoting the site.

·       Monetizing the site

The above three are just an overview of what can be done. I’m flexible to tune the training program as per to your needs.

Terms and Conditions:

· Atleast 30 participants should be there for a session.

· The session should be planned well in advance with proper organization.

· Projector, Internet facility and other requirements has to be taken care by organizers.

· My Travel, Stay and other expenditure has to be taken care by the organizers.

· Optionally Domain Name Registration & Quality Web Hosting is available for nominal charges.

Who can organize?

· A group of individuals

· Academic Institutions

· Training Centers

· Clubs & Associations

· Companies

· Non Profits Organization

· Basically Anyone 🙂

How to contact me?

All initial communications has to be made through email only. You can send me an email at [email protected] with subject as “Request for WordPress Training”.

If you have any queries/suggestions please comment them below.

Spin Your Web @ Paanchajanya

// November 7th, 2009 // Comments // Events

I’m co-coordinating an state level blogging contest in  IEEE GIT Student Chapter’s tech fiest “Paanchajanya

About Paanchajanya :

From its inception in the year 2006 to its current avatar, IEEE-GIT’s annual inter collegiate state level tech fest Paanchajanya has grown into an event that brings about the best among the technical talent across the state and our neighboring states. Four years old and growing better and more youthful every year, Paanchajanya defines professionalism in organizing and flair in the participation.

Paanchajanya ’09 will have many eye catching, engaging, yet fun filled technical and non technical events. Everyone from all disciplines and semesters of engineering can participate in this fest that will truly, as its punch line says, unleash prodigies!!

Battle Days : 12th to 14th November 2009

For more details visit :

Spin Your Web Contest :

Yes!! Your web page, your world, your ideas. A personal webpage designed, maintained and run by you, full of your ideas. That’s what we look for at Spin Your Web. If you have your own blog, that’s well and good. If you don’t have and want to have a go at it, then start NOW!!

Yes, starting the moment you send us your personal web page/blog’s address, it’ll be monitored as a part of our competition. What is the content of your site, how well are you at presenting it, arranging stuff, interacting with your audience, how popular is your page, what makes your personal space on the internet so different  from the others. All these will go in judging your website.

Rules and Regulations :

  1. This is an individual event.
  2. All the participants must be registered Paanchajanya delegates.
  3. The blog has to be created on only.
  4. Any Paanchajanya ’09 participant can gain entry into the competition by posting his blog link on the IEEE-GIT forum. The participant also has to mail his blog url to [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Particpant has to mention his/her PCH No. in the mail.
  5. The participant is free to choose any subject of his / her interest
  6. Any content that is explicit or offensive in any way will result in the immediate disqualification from the contest.
  7. Links to the official IEEE-GIT website ( and Paanchajanya website ( have to be provided compulsorily in the form of the respective logo.
  8. Participants can add widgets/components that can enhance the functionality of the blog. For example – widgets indicating number of visitors to the website.
  9. The participant has to add Google Analytics ( code to their site and provide the event co-ordinators access to the statistics.
  10. Blog articles have to be genuinely written by the participant itslef. If duplication is found, it will result in an immediate disqualification.
  11. Embedding media content from external sources is permissible provided that a link to the source is made. eg: Embedding YouTube videos.
  12. The decision of the judges and coordinators of the event will be final and binding.

Late Date for Submisson of your site : 13th November by 12.00pm

Blog Reviews :

An session is organised to review the submitted sites. The judge will provide you an general review of the sites submitted. He will also provide information of an development of an ideal site. This session is open to all including non registrants !

Date : 14/11/2009

Time : 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Venue : F8 Hall ( Aryabhatta Seminar Hall), GIT, Belgaum

WordPress Workshop :: Part 2

// February 28th, 2009 // Comments // Events

Here is an continuation of my last post WordPress Workshop -Part 1

Blogging with WordPress

WordPress Workshop

I think I had written a lot in my last post on the day 1 of wordpress workshop. After self analysis of our performance with first batch me and Snehal decided to have some changes for the second batch. I had explained a lot of extras for the first batch and had to cut it down for the second batch. Also we decided that Snehal and Sanket will handle some portions. And to take some snaps of the workshop which we had missed out yesterday 🙂

We were in time at browsing center. We started uninstalling the wamserver installed by the previous batch candidates. Gudi sir set up the projector for us and he was going to be the photographer for us !  Sohel was missing since he went to attend the hacking Contest at K.L.E. Engineering College, Belgaum. Although we expected a lot of people today, there was no crowd outside. Everyone came one by one in time.

K.K.T.  sir started with the introduction and later he went out since he had some work. The first part i.e introduction to websites, blogs, wordpress, hosting, domains etc was done by Snehal. She explained it slowly point by point, asking questions to participants to make the session interactive ( I had finished it just in 5 min yesterday!).  As we had decided to tell the hosting & domain setup at end , I started with WampServer Installation. Unlike yesterday I did not make use of ppt for this. Everything was live ! The installation step seemed to be very easy to everyone( WordPress rocks !). Then Sanket took over to explain how to post on wordpress and how to create categories etc. I came back to explain wordpress themes, plugins and widgets.

The participants were more active compared to yesterdays batch. They were trying to create themes with wordpress theme generator and use it while i was explaining itself. Many had created beautiful designs in no time ! Same was the case with plugins. they googled and got new plugins. But Plugins seemed to be complicated for them due to the diversity in nature of usage from one plugin to plugin. They had a lot of questions to ask unlike yesterdays batch. Since it was afternoon time they seemed to be hungry and wanted to out fast !

I explained only basic stuff cutting a lot of information. Since Snehal and Sanket explain some portions my work was reduced. It was almost 3.30pm and decided to conclude. K.K.T had finished his work and had returned to workshop to conclude it ! Thus making the end of the movie WordPress Worksop – Part 2

We have plan about WordPress Workshop – Part 3 on Monday… Keep awaiting for my next post…

WordPress Workshop :: Part 1

// February 27th, 2009 // Comments // Events

Hello Everyone,

Today was one of the most wonderful day in my life. As I has posted earlier the Workshop on ” Blogging with WordPress” started today. This was the first workshop I have ever conducted. there was an huge response from the students of I.S.E., GIT we had to decide to organize workshop in batches. So we had divided the registrants into two batches. One batch for those who submitted the assignment work given by us and another batch for those who are lazy to complete the assignment but still wanted to learn wordpress !

The schedule was announced in class and displayed on notice board.

Batch A: Late submissions (First come First Serve Basis)
Day: Friday
Date: 27th Feb 2009
Time: 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Venue: Browsing Center, GIT.

Batch B: For students who have submitted the website designs on or before 25th Feb, 2009
Day: Saturday
Date: 28th Feb 2009
Timing: 12.30pm – 4.00pm
Venue: Browsing Center, GIT.

But everything didn’t go as per to our plans.  There was an hacking contest organize in K.L.E.Engineering college, Belgaum and many wanted to attend it. So they requested that they will be attending on friday itself and we could not deny for that. Secondly the C.S.E. Department woke up after an semester to conduct an I.T. Quiz clashing with our workshop. They had taken registration entries in last semester and organizing this semester that too by announcing it on the previous day.

The students from I.S.E were totally not interested in attending it and all of them prefer to attend our workshop. ( Even I had registered for quiz last semester !) Most of the students had come early as we had said that entries will on first com first serve basis creating an mob outside the browsing center. Everything would have went fine if our H.O.D. would have not interfered in between. They had called up from C.S. Department saying we have told the students to attend the workshop mandatorily by bunking the I.T. Quiz (???????) Our H.O.D’s concern was genuine as he wanted to have an good relationship with the C.S. Department. So he asked us to cancel the workshop and send the student to I.T. quiz !

We had taken a lot of efforts from a week to organize the workshop and offcource how can we cancel it just like that? Prof. Kiran.K.T. was in support of  us. We anyhow managed to convince our H.O.D. Math Sir that we shall not allow the students who have enrolled for I.T. quiz (except me !) to attend workshop and send them to auditorium for I.T. quiz. We ensured I.T. quiz registrants  that we shall conduct the workshop on some other day for them. they agreed upon and went. It was an different matter that most of they went to home instead and those who went for I.T. quiz had missed the preliminary round and coud not participate in that too !

The workshop was finally started  with the words of Prof. Kiran K.T. He introduce us and then i took over.  I started with the presentation I had prepared. I have embedded the same copy here :

WordPress Installation Guide

As you can see it is an self explanatory power point presentation with live screen shots on how to install wordpress. It starts with the basic fundas like website, blog, wordpress, uses of blog, web hosting, domain etc. The actual part starts with signing up free web hosting account at Then comes an overview on hosting control panel and creating database in your free hosting account. The there is details on transferring files to the web server using FileZilla FTP client.  After that comes the actual step by step installation of wordpress. The presentation also contains slides on getting an free co.c domain name. It has links to various resource websites.

But due to problems with internet connection in the college we proceeded with the installation on localhost using WampServer. We explained everything live on the projector and simultaneously the participants did it on their computers. We explained all the menu in the backend i.e the control panel of wordpress. it was be creating post, editing it, changing permalinks, using tags and what not. We also gave an insight of generating wordpress themes using a wordpress theme generator. We also explained how to use plugins and widgets to enhance the functionalities of wordpress. The candidates also got to know how to use google analytics on wordpress and basic search engine optimization.

The worskhop went on for 3 hours and I don’t know how I managed to speak continuously not even drinking a drop of water ( I got to know about it only after Snehal told about it ) Finally we explained the judgement criteria’s for the wordpress blog contest and showed some popular blogs. Finally Prof. Rodd and Prof. Kiran concluded the workshop.

Thanks to Snehal, Sanket, Sohel and others who have helped a lot make it a grand success.

All the participants were very happy as the workshop was good, above their expectation ( and our expectation too !) Many of them commented that I’m best suited for lecture post ! Snehal was asking me how I spoke for 3 hours continuously in a loud pitch without a break ( and I got to know about it only after the workshop was over). I was totally in  a different world for those 3 hours. We remembered that we had forgotten to take snapshots of the event late but luckily we have a chance to get them in the next batch !

Now  I’m awaiting for the second batch to be organized tomorrow. So await for my next post i.e WordPress WorkShop – Part 2

WordPress Blogging Workshop/Contest

// February 17th, 2009 // Comments // Events

Finally today (17/02/2009) we finalized the workshop and contest on “Blogging with WordPress” for students of Department of Information Science & Engineering, Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum
Prof Kiran K.T and our H.O.D. Prof.  M. M. Math were were Co-operative in approving the idea of conducting such an stuff first time in the college history.Myself and Snehal will be handling most of the stuff.
Although I had though of arranging such workshop last year itself , could not implement due to various circumstances. Don’t know whether it was possible this time too if  Snehal had not asked about keeping a website design contest !
The workshop is going to be conducted on 27/02/2009 from 2.00pm to 3.00pm. I’m expecting nearly 100 candidates to attend the workshop.
The following topics will be covered :
  • Introduction
  • Hosting & Domains
  • WordPress Installation
  • Using WordPress
  • Theming
  • Plugins
  • Widgets
  • Using Analytics
  • S.E.O.
  • Promoting the site
Almost all candidates are new to this field and workshop shall provide them with the basic information and a motivation for thier online identity. We are going ahead with Free Hosting and free domains which is provided by The contest shall be starting after the workshop and candidates shall have of lot of time of around 45 days. I don’t know how they are going to cope up with wordpress blogging. The best blogs  shall be awarded.
Last but not the least here an advertisement prepared by Snehal to display on the notice board. I like it a lot. Here it goes…
Project Yourself on the Web
Get a New Dimension to your Internet Experience
Communicate Differently
Own your own Website
Get Publicity over the Internet
Add Weight-age to your Resume
Come…  Learn Website Design

Please comment your suggestions regarding the workshop/contest.
I shall be posting frequently on this topic until the winner is chosen.
Keep Checking…
[More details at Official Site :]