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Happy New Year 2013

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A New Challenge
A New Goal
A New Optimism
A New Approach
A New Mission
A New Resolution

May this year of 2013 be a year of Health & Happiness, Wealth & Wisdom, Peace & Prosperity, Love & Laughter..

Dear ISPs, We know to bypass you !

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After Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in USA, now its time in India that Internet Service Providers particularly Reliance Communications and Airtel have started blocking The Pirate Bay, Vimeo, DailyMotion and a few other torrent sites. Although I’m personally not effected with this till date(I’m on BSNL) but got call from couple of friends asking help to bypass this block. They were seing the following message for blocked sites:

Access to this site has been blocked as per Court Orders

Googling around, I found that the reason behind this censorship is a John Doe order obtained by film distributor Relance Entertainment. Citing piracy concerns ahead of blockbuster releases, Reliance Entertainment has been using John Doe orders to get websites blocked. It is completely insane to block a whole site just because of few pirate files are on the site, selective blocking of offending URLs would have been a better option.

I midst of all this issues, we the people are facing difficulties. Every problem has a solution, even here you can bypass the restrictions of the ISPs easily. My old post(2009) on using Ultrasurf Proxy Software to Bypass Internet Filters works well to bypass this blocks. Originally created to help internet users in China find security and freedom online, Ultrasurf has now become one of the world’s most popular anti-censorship, pro-privacy software, with millions of people using it to bypass internet censorship and protect their online privacy.


All that you need is this small software(yeah really small) and install it on your computer(Currently Mac & Linux are not supported.)

For detailed instructions on installation and usage you can refer to my previous article at –
Additionally here is a video tutorial for your convenience:

If it worked for you, let us know by commenting below.



BSNL 3G trick to get Unlimited 3G data

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I have been one of the early adopters of 3G revolution which, in India, came through BSNL 3G. BSNL 3G was the only  3G internet connection available at that time. I had opted for Rs.4200 , 6 month unlimited 3g plan of BSNL. All was good till August 2011, when my 6 month validity came to an end. Things had changed a lot in these 6 months… Other private players had entered into market, but all of them had a higher tariff and no unlimited plan. Seeing this BSNL had also taken off the Rs.4200 unlimited plan.

Considering my travel, business presentations, work from office as well as home I needed a wireless/portable internet connection. My usage goes to minimum of 4-5Gb per day, so limited plans are out of the question. Tried my luck with Docomo 3g, MTS Blaze, Vodafone 3G (connecting to airtel 3g network) but nothing was satisfactory. No one really had a truly unlimited 3g without any fair usage policy. Also they would take years to match up the 3g coverage what BSNL has currently (I did face difficulties with coverage within the city limits itself).

BSNL Ipad 3g

Finally, deciding to go back to BSNL 3g after 2 months of struggling, I visited BSNL website to check their tariff plans. I almost finalized to go with their Rs.3000 3g data plan with 10gb data per month. But all of a sudden the iPad Data plan option on their home page caught my attention. Once I went into that page was amazed to see a unlimited data plans for Apple iPad. My engineering brain started thinking if the sim can connect to 3g network on iPad, why can’t  it connect to 3g network on regular data card. I googled around for information to use the BSNL micro sim with regular data card, and discovered that many other users were able to use it with regular 3G usb dongles. Considering the factor that the iPad micro sim is going to cost only Rs.100, I decided to give it a try.

I went to the BSNL customer service center and asked for iPad sim. They asked me to fill up the sim card registration form and provide xerox copies of the documents. Although the actual price of sim was Rs.100, I was demanded to make an additional recharge of Rs.599 or Rs.999 , which I could not avoid. This is not mandatory actually, but it is a way for BSNL to make money by forcing the customers to recharge. If I had a iPad with me I would have argued with them, but considering the fact that I needed the Sim  to use on regular data card, I just listened to them. They did ask about my iPad, but I just managed by saying I have not brought it to the service center.

BSNL micro SIM

Other users who are trying to get 3g micro sim, you need to be smart enough to manage the Customer Service Center staff without an iPad. I would not recommend to tell you don’t have an iPad, you can just tell that you have ordered it and its in transition, iPad is with your brother sister at some other location etc. Just make up a genuine sounding reason.

UMG 1831 Micro SIM

After getting the micro sim, I was eager to test it out on my Huwei UMG1831 USB Dongle. To my great relief, the sim was detected automatically. I configured the mobile partner software with the BSNL 3G settings with plan bsnlnet and clicked connect. It connected without any problem. I checked the speed with and found that the speed was quite similar to the speeds I used to get on regular BSNL 3G.

BSNL 3g Speed

Tip for using micro sim:
Micro sim is just like any regular sim in functionality, but the only difference is the size. It will work on any USB dongle or mobile(I tried it on my xperia mini pro). You should just take some extra care when inserting it into the device which is has a sim card slot which is bigger than the size of the micro sim. The core part of the sim (the golden color part) has to be in proper contact  the sim card reader of the device.

Micro SIM compared with Regular SIM

Additional Tip: The micro sim card by default will be attached to a plastic card which usually comes with all sim cards. You can let the micro sim card be attached to it, and cut the plastic material to a shape of a regular sim card, so that you can fit it as if it is a regular sim.

BSNL iPad 3G Data Plans
Prepaid Plan :

Unlimited Monthly Plan
Limited Monthly Plan
Daily Plan
MRP of Recharge Vouchers(RCV) in Rs.^
Free Data Usage
6 GB
30 Days
30 Days
1 Day
Data Usage Charges Beyond Free Usage
Starter Pack in Rs.100^. Free usage with activation 1GB/month for six months.
^MRP is inclusive of Service Tax @10.30%.

Postpaid Plan :

Unlimited Monthly Plan
Activation Charges in Rs. *
FMC in Rs. *
Free Data Usage
30 Days

*Service Tax as applicable extra.

I’m sharing this information based on my experience. Let me know if this worked for you too, so that your comment will help other users like my article helped you to make a choice. I have got a good speed with BSNL iPad 3g sim card, you can comment and let me know the speed you got.

Watch This Movie "Dobara"

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The first idea that popped into my head was, “not another Hangover!” Starting with an imminent wedding, a group of friends decide to go for a bachelors’ party to Spain. Less than subtle hints are dropped about how crazy it’s going to be. But looks may be deceptive, and i was glad for that.
zindagi na milegi dobara review india belgaum
The trip moves through all the places for which Spain is famous for, Pamplona, Costa Brava and Seville. And in course of their journey, the trio take a trip into their innermost fears. I know how “modern hollywood” that sounds, yet the surprise lies in the acting. Hrithik, Farhan and Abhay bring alive the characters they portray.
Kabir (Abhay Deol) is getting married. Imraan (Farhan Aktar) and Arjun (Hrithik Roshan) his two buddies since childhood are joining him on a trip to Spain. Arjun is a money minded broker, Imraan, a copywriter and aspiring poet and Kabir, the rich son of a construction company owner. Supposed to be a 3 week fun trip, it turns into something completely different. Many times the movie borders on the cliche. But the bold, different style of direction, frank emotions and the characters that we can relate to, pull the movie together making it one of the most decent movies made in Bollywood.
Two women play important parts in the plot. Katrina Kaif (Laila) is a dive instructor and Kalki Koechlin (Natasha) the fiance of Kabir. They both play their supporting roles well.
There is plenty of fun and spice, after all the movie is set in London, Spain and Mumabi.
All-in-all, Zoya Aktar has done a good job and if she  makes another movie i’m sure ill watch it.

Lets NOT Buy on

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E-commerce is booming in India, which is evident in the different websites that have sprung up that sell stuff online for damn cheap prices compared to others. Techies like me are always looking out for the cheapest deals online. I have been a regular online shopper, Ebay being one of my favorites shopping destination. But there are bad people out there, whom I experienced for the first time, and sharing the same with you people and to create awareness. The story begins:

Last month I was looking to buy Ipod Shuffle. As usual I started my online shop hunting with official apple website. But unfortunately Apple India does not provide an online shopping facility. Then I started exploring sites like Ebay, FlipKart etc., which had a pricing around Rs.3200. I also came through LetsBuy which was offering the same at Rs.2999 upon which i was getting Rs.450 off through a discount voucher, which made the cheapest price available on the internet i.e @ Rs.2549

It was my first buy from this site ( But i will never buy from this site again. It has the worst service i have seen so far). I had seen a lots of ads online, saw their facebook community and they seemed to be a reputed brand(It has become difficult to trust the advertisements these days !). I was convinced at that point of time and placed the order on 25th May 2011. it took a day or two to confirm the of the payment which is common in most of the sites. Finally I lost my patience and tried contacting them through email on 30th May 2011, no response ! Again I tried reaching them on 1st June, no response! I prefer email as communication mode since its convenient & saves my time. When I’m making an online purchase, I expect people to respond to emails, which is an online communication media!. Finally realizing I may not get any response to my email, I gave them a ring. Their telephonic support also sucks, after waiting for hours the calls get suddenly disconnected! After spending a lot of time and efforts I  reached one of their operator. They informed that they will be shipping the item shortly and I will receive a email on the same (which was received after 20+days). However they also told me that they did not received any email! (I’m putting up the screens of the email I sent)

email support letsbuy

LetsBuy Support Sucks !

I would like to point of couple of things as I said in previous paragraph.

  • They do not have a ticket system
  • They do not have live chat
  • Their support system is not synced with previous support requests
    • Every time I gave a call it was like a new call, explaining the operator the whole story from the start
  • Emails are never responded
  • You are not communicated on shipment details
  • They will never contact you back, instead you will have to try to reach them a 100 times
  • They do not have 24 by 7 Support ( would not be of use anyways with respect to above points)

Coming back to my order status – Finally on the 22nd of June I receive a email providing the shipping details.  It gives me tracking details and everything. But its one month later!

confirmation date letsbuy

I could deal with that until after tracking the item I receive this report…

Apparently Bluedart showed my item was sent a fortnight ago. Curious to see what was the matter I went to the company site. According to the pic (below), its still in process. Its now the end of June. And I ordered this a month ago. How can this still be “in process”? As usual customer support is non-existent in the real sense.

item report letsbuy

Should I believe Bluedart or LetsBuy? Can anyone from LetsBuy give a explanation to this, not just saying it was a mistake? How can you commit such mistakes?

A small Piece of advice to LetsBuy – Put a small amount of marketing budget you are spending (I know its too big) to build a support team too !

I would advice the people reading this to stay away from LetsBuy at this point of of time. If you had a similar experiences, or any other things to share kindly comment below.


Its not even a day after I posted this and shared on sites like facebook, linkedin, moutshut etc, something happened which I never expected(atleast so fast). Today noon (Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 12:39 PM) I recieved a mail from Hitesh Dhingra, CEO of LetsBuy, which again I’m putting up here.

I really appreciate the time & efforts taken by the CEO to look into a issue 1 customer amongst lakhs. In fact I did not get to know from where did he get my new company DigitalAvatar’ email address instead of the email address associated with the letsbuy account !

Followed by this I got a call on 7.32pm from one of their executive. He was patient enough to listen to all the things stated above and good enough to convince me that things won’t happen the same again. I just wished this would have happened a bit earlier, but its never too late. I’m here to review them again may be after giving them some time 🙂

I also thanks my readers & friends (like Shashidhar Bhat) who offered help to resolve the issues. Thanks Again & Cheers to Social Media.

Just to clarify all the users, the item was gifted to my sister and she did receive it on 8th June 2011 as per to Bluedart Data. My whole point was all around the mess in the letsbuy system. I will anyway give them a try again!

Win $25,000 by telling where will .com take your business

// May 22nd, 2011 // Comments // Old

As part of our continuous efforts to get you the best possible promotions, contests and special deals, we’re bringing to you, one of VeriSign’s latest contests for Small Businesses. VeriSign powers our domain name registration system at You stand to win $25,000 by telling us where a .com could take your business.

What it’s about:

This campaign focuses on SMBs and offers $25,000 to the SMB with the greatest potential to grow with their .COM Domain.

With this contest, VeriSign is inviting Small Business Owners to tell them where .COM will take their business. The SMB with the greatest potential will then be awarded $25,000.

It’s open for all!

Everyone can take full advantage of this contest and stand to win $25,000 for your own business. Tell about your Company and how you have the potential to excel in the dotcom world. For those with the greatest potential for success will be awarded $25,000 to help them realize their dreams.

Millions of businesses have used .com to help them succeed. Now it’s your turn. In this day and age, businesses simply can’t afford not to be online and available to current and prospective customers and clients. The good news is: your business can afford to get online. Getting your business on the Internet has never been easier.

Register your business for a .com today at


Disclaimer: This contest is directly run by VeriSign, you will have abide to all their terms. Verisign will only decide the winner and is responsible for the prize distribution. As a .com domain name registrar we are just promoting this contest.

Here comes the Mobile Number Portability !

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This will be a new dawn for the mobile subscribers of India, as the Mobile number portability will be operational across India from January 20th, 2011. There might be some problems in the first few days. Kindly note that all the balance if any in the prepaid account will lapse once you port the number.

With the arrival of MNP you can switch to different operators of your choice from your existing CDMA to GSM, GSM to CDMA, CDMA to CDMA and also from GSM to GSM.

Telecom consulting firm data suggests a reasonably high subscriber churn after the launch of MNP of as much as 17 per cent in the prepaid and 19 per cent in the postpaid segment.

If you are not happy with your current Mobile Phone operator because of Billing Issues, Signal Problems, Call Drops or any other issues you don’t have to worry now because the TRAI [Telecom Regulatory Authority of India] has now offered a new scheme under which you can switch your operator at a cost of just 19Rs.

There are special offers being provided from operators to attract new customers to their network. Here are a few offers by leading mobile operators in India

BSNL is offering Free Bonus talk time of Rs. 100 on FRC and Unlimited Free GPRS (for period of 30 days) to new customer. In addition BSNL has waived off the mnp charge of Rs.19 too !

Idea cellular has launched a dedicated MNP Pack which costs Rs. 37 in all which includes Rs. 19 towards the MNP Porting charges and also the Sim cost. Apart from providing features like CLIP, Call Wait-Call Hold, Call Divert, SMS, Pre activated National / International Roaming, Voice Mail on Request, Multimedia Messaging, GPRS along with a talk time of Rs.5, this tariff will be applicable for a period of 365 days.

Tata Docomo:
Ranging from Full and extra talk time offers to various 3G Recharge options, TATA DOCOMO is currently trying everything to acquire new customers.

Steps to move your mobile number to other provider

1.To begin with, you need to generate UPC (Unique Porting Code) by sending SMS to 1900. UPC is an alphanumeric code allocated, upon request, by a mobile operator to its subscriber for the purpose of facilitation of porting of his/her mobile number to another operator.

• SMS to be sent : PORT <your Mobile Number> to 1900. Operator SMS charges will be applicable.

• Eg. SMS PORT 98XXXXXXXX to 1900

2.After sending SMS to 1900, you will receive UPC (Unique Porting Code) as a SMS from 1901 giving 8 digit alpha-numeric Unique Porting Code (UPC) and UPC expiry date in MM/DD/YYYY format

3.Visit your nearest NEW Service provider outlet / showroom

4.Fill NEW Service provider Mobile Number Porting (MNP) form providing details like

• Current Mobile Number

• Current Operator name

• UPC code

5.Submit Address & Id proof documents, self-attested photo and last bill copy of postpaid connection (if applicable) along-with filled MNP form and Customer Agreement Form.

6.Buy the NEW Service provider MNP SIM card from NEW Service provider outlet / showroom. SIM charges, talktime value and porting charge are non-refundable in the event of cancellation / rejection of port-in request.

7.NEW Service provider will send an SMS on your old/existing operator’s SIM (existing connection) intimating about the porting date and time, i.e. the date and approximate time till when you can continue to use your existing operator’s SIM card.

8.There will be a 2-hour ‘no service period’ which will begin after the porting time as given above. The ‘no service period’ will be between 12 midnight to 5 am during which your mobile service will not be active on any SIM. All efforts will be made to ensure that this ‘no service period’ causes minimum inconvenience to you.

9.After the ‘no service period’, you can replace your existing operator’s SIM card with the new NEW Service provider SIM card in your handset.

Once your NEW Service provider SIM card is activated you would be ready to enjoy NEW Service provider’s high-quality network, innovative value added services and best-in class customer service using your existing mobile number.


If you have any further queries regarding MNP, you could comment them below.

Do you plan to change your service provider? If yes whats your current one which one would you opt for?

Happy New Year 2011

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Logo Design Contest

// November 13th, 2010 // Comments // Old

logo design contest poster

Creative designers now have a chance to Brand the most innovative and evolving startup IT Company in Belgaum, India. dotCORD invites individuals to design an exciting, creative logo that will represent the company’s identity.

Your challenge is to create a logo that:

  • Suits an IT Brand.
  • Which includes the text “dotCORD
    Just for your reference dotCORD name was born with the following symbolization:
    dot – Symbolizes internet, technology, global
    cord – Binding dot
  • Is suitable for use online, in print etc
  • Is your own original work, and does not contain elements which are subject to third party copyright.

The name is most important and therefore an icon is not necessary if the name itself can be worked into a wordmark logo itself. The logo should be clear and inspiring and have a IT sense about it.

Winning Amout – Rs 2000/-

Logo designs can be submitted by email to connect-at-dotcord-dot-com

For more details kindly visit:


// October 23rd, 2010 // Comments // Old

Recently I re-installed my MediaTemple Ve Server. I successfully installed CentOS 5 on MediaTemple Ve server. After installation I tried to connect to server through SSH. Unfortunately got a message saying WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!  It looked something like below:

$ ssh [email protected]

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@    WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!     @
Someone could be eavesdropping on you right now (man-in-the-middle attack)!
It is also possible that the RSA host key has just been changed.
The fingerprint for the RSA key sent by the remote host is
Please contact your system administrator.
Add correct host key in /Users/sandeephegde/.ssh/known_hosts to get rid of this message.
Offending key in /Users/sandeephegde/.ssh/known_hosts:1
RSA host key for 420.420.420.420 has changed and you have requested strict checking.
Host key verification failed.

Looked around to resolve the issue. Got to know that the issue was due to the old RSA key stored in the system. The solution to resolve the issue was to add the correct key. Easiest way is to remove all the old RSA keys from your computer. To do this simply go to your terminal and type as below:

$ open .ssh

This will result in opeing a windows as in screenshot:

RSA Host Keys

All that you have to do is delete the file “know_hosts” i.e simply move it to trash. Thats all you have got rid of REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!

Now you can connect to you server through SSH normally. If you are still facing any difiulities leave a comment below.