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Finally I’m into development of WordPress / Buddypress themes ! It is said that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Nevertheless there are rarely few themes available for Buddypress driven WordPress sites. I’m with buddypress right from its initial stages of development. The recent version of Buddypress 1.2 changed hell lot of things. All these things forced me to build a own child themes for the sites I was developing.


Gradient ! My first Buddypress child theme. As the name says it has an gradient type design. The gradient looks simply awesome with bluish color. I built this theme for one of the site I was developing. Sharing the same with community by release it with open source license. the themes is officially approved by wordpress and available for download at

Minimum Requirements  :

* WordPress 2.92

* Buddypress 1.2

(If the requirements are not met, you may get errors)

Installing the Theme:

Method 1:

* Login into your wordpress backend.

* Go to Appearance -–> Add New Themes

* Select Search by “Author” and type “sandeephegde”

* Choose “Gradient” theme and click on Install

* Activate the theme and you are done !

Method 2:

* Upload “Gradient” theme to your wp-content/themes/ directory

* Login into your wordpress backend.

*  Go to SiteAdmin –>Themes and Enable this theme

*Go to Appearance –> Themes –> Activate Gradient theme.

Customizing Header:

Once you have installed the Gradient theme you may require to change the default buddypress header. To change the header image follow this instructions:

* Download the theme

* Edit header.png (included in theme) as per to your requirement.

* Login to you wordpress backend

* Go to Appearance –> Custom Header

* Upload the header.png file. Also choose to “HIDE TEXT”

* You are done !

For further customization of the theme you may need to digg into the css codes !

Download Theme Now !

If you liked my work, please consider some donations, which shall assist my education.

Please provide your feedback on this theme by commenting below 🙂


  1. uday says:
    on this link when we click preview u r theme is not opening WP default theme is opening i wanted to see the preview of this

  2. sandeephegde says:

    It will only work with WordPress with Buddypress. So the the preview does not work. You need to try it on Buddypress !

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  4. feedmo says:

    is there any way to easily select which pages are shown/linked in the header and which aren’t.

    We have several pages that we do not want to advertise in a menu, but that we DO want to have available through direct linking.
    Now every page we create automatically shows up as a link in the header (also there is not enough room for all the pages).

  5. The code is broken, I’ve tried to mend it, but I don’t understande what’s up with the spans, I get error at the end of my funtions.php, even though I paste this in the middle. I’m trying to get bp sensible to display activities. Or just the activity menu button that seems to be missing in this theme.