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// January 21st, 2010 // Events

Yes it’s possible! You can build rock solid, dynamic websites within few minutes! All credit goes to the open source software’s like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others. But unfortunately not many people know about this. I have been conducting many seminars, workshops to create awareness that web development is not a rocket science and can be done even by a common man. “Website in 10 Minutes” campaign has been quite successful in this regards.


Now it is the time to take this campaign to next level. My motto is “Every Computer Educated Indian should have a website”. For this I’m expanding my horizons to organize training programs in any corner of the country. The only thing I’m expecting is someone to invite me and take care of the organization of the session. To provide an overview of the possibilities, here are some ways:

· Website in 10 minutesopen_source

This shall involve a live demo wherein I shall demonstrate building a Website in 10 minute using WordPress. The session will provide an overview of WordPress with themes and plugins with an overview of open source. The ideal time for the session is 1 hour which involves 30 minutes of interactive talk & demonstration and another 30 minutes for solving the queries of the audience.

· Half day workshop

This workshop will be around 3hours. The participants will have hands on experience, as I make them create their own website in the workshop. Each candidate should have an system or laptop to work along with me. The workshop shall cover the following topics

· Introduction

· Setting up Apache, MySql & PHP (using XAMPP or WAMP server)

· WordPress Installation

· Using WordPress

· Theming

· Plugins

· Widgets

· Full day workshopwordpress

This workshop will be of around 5 to hours. By the end of the workshop the participant shall have his/her website accessible online! This workshop shall also cover the search engine optimization basics and tips to market and monetize the website. The topics covered will be :

·       Introduction

·       Hosting & Domains

·       WordPress Installation

·       Using WordPress

·       Theming

·       Plugins

·       Widgets

·       Using Analytics

·       S.E.O.

·       Promoting the site.

·       Monetizing the site

The above three are just an overview of what can be done. I’m flexible to tune the training program as per to your needs.

Terms and Conditions:

· Atleast 30 participants should be there for a session.

· The session should be planned well in advance with proper organization.

· Projector, Internet facility and other requirements has to be taken care by organizers.

· My Travel, Stay and other expenditure has to be taken care by the organizers.

· Optionally Domain Name Registration & Quality Web Hosting is available for nominal charges.

Who can organize?

· A group of individuals

· Academic Institutions

· Training Centers

· Clubs & Associations

· Companies

· Non Profits Organization

· Basically Anyone 🙂

How to contact me?

All initial communications has to be made through email only. You can send me an email at [email protected] with subject as “Request for WordPress Training”.

If you have any queries/suggestions please comment them below.