WordPress Workshop :: Part 1

// February 27th, 2009 // Events

Hello Everyone,

Today was one of the most wonderful day in my life. As I has posted earlier the Workshop on ” Blogging with WordPress” started today. This was the first workshop I have ever conducted. there was an huge response from the students of I.S.E., GIT we had to decide to organize workshop in batches. So we had divided the registrants into two batches. One batch for those who submitted the assignment work given by us and another batch for those who are lazy to complete the assignment but still wanted to learn wordpress !

The schedule was announced in class and displayed on notice board.

Batch A: Late submissions (First come First Serve Basis)
Day: Friday
Date: 27th Feb 2009
Time: 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Venue: Browsing Center, GIT.

Batch B: For students who have submitted the website designs on or before 25th Feb, 2009
Day: Saturday
Date: 28th Feb 2009
Timing: 12.30pm – 4.00pm
Venue: Browsing Center, GIT.

But everything didn’t go as per to our plans.  There was an hacking contest organize in K.L.E.Engineering college, Belgaum and many wanted to attend it. So they requested that they will be attending on friday itself and we could not deny for that. Secondly the C.S.E. Department woke up after an semester to conduct an I.T. Quiz clashing with our workshop. They had taken registration entries in last semester and organizing this semester that too by announcing it on the previous day.

The students from I.S.E were totally not interested in attending it and all of them prefer to attend our workshop. ( Even I had registered for quiz last semester !) Most of the students had come early as we had said that entries will on first com first serve basis creating an mob outside the browsing center. Everything would have went fine if our H.O.D. would have not interfered in between. They had called up from C.S. Department saying we have told the students to attend the workshop mandatorily by bunking the I.T. Quiz (???????) Our H.O.D’s concern was genuine as he wanted to have an good relationship with the C.S. Department. So he asked us to cancel the workshop and send the student to I.T. quiz !

We had taken a lot of efforts from a week to organize the workshop and offcource how can we cancel it just like that? Prof. Kiran.K.T. was in support of  us. We anyhow managed to convince our H.O.D. Math Sir that we shall not allow the students who have enrolled for I.T. quiz (except me !) to attend workshop and send them to auditorium for I.T. quiz. We ensured I.T. quiz registrants  that we shall conduct the workshop on some other day for them. they agreed upon and went. It was an different matter that most of they went to home instead and those who went for I.T. quiz had missed the preliminary round and coud not participate in that too !

The workshop was finally started  with the words of Prof. Kiran K.T. He introduce us and then i took over.  I started with the presentation I had prepared. I have embedded the same copy here :

WordPress Installation Guide

As you can see it is an self explanatory power point presentation with live screen shots on how to install wordpress. It starts with the basic fundas like website, blog, wordpress, uses of blog, web hosting, domain etc. The actual part starts with signing up free web hosting account at www.FreeHostCell.com. Then comes an overview on hosting control panel and creating database in your free hosting account. The there is details on transferring files to the web server using FileZilla FTP client.  After that comes the actual step by step installation of wordpress. The presentation also contains slides on getting an free co.c domain name. It has links to various resource websites.

But due to problems with internet connection in the college we proceeded with the installation on localhost using WampServer. We explained everything live on the projector and simultaneously the participants did it on their computers. We explained all the menu in the backend i.e the control panel of wordpress. it was be creating post, editing it, changing permalinks, using tags and what not. We also gave an insight of generating wordpress themes using a wordpress theme generator. We also explained how to use plugins and widgets to enhance the functionalities of wordpress. The candidates also got to know how to use google analytics on wordpress and basic search engine optimization.

The worskhop went on for 3 hours and I don’t know how I managed to speak continuously not even drinking a drop of water ( I got to know about it only after Snehal told about it ) Finally we explained the judgement criteria’s for the wordpress blog contest and showed some popular blogs. Finally Prof. Rodd and Prof. Kiran concluded the workshop.

Thanks to Snehal, Sanket, Sohel and others who have helped a lot make it a grand success.

All the participants were very happy as the workshop was good, above their expectation ( and our expectation too !) Many of them commented that I’m best suited for lecture post ! Snehal was asking me how I spoke for 3 hours continuously in a loud pitch without a break ( and I got to know about it only after the workshop was over). I was totally in  a different world for those 3 hours. We remembered that we had forgotten to take snapshots of the event late but luckily we have a chance to get them in the next batch !

Now  I’m awaiting for the second batch to be organized tomorrow. So await for my next post i.e WordPress WorkShop – Part 2