Your-Freedom – Bypass Restrictive Firewalls and Filters

// February 8th, 2010 // Technology

Is your Internet access somehow restricted? Are some web pages not accessible to you, or are you unable to run applications because of such restrictions? Then Your Freedom is for you. Although the techniques used by Your Freedom to break through such restrictions are fairly complicated, it is not difficult to use.

Your Freedom is a Connectivity Service that allows you to overcome connectivity restrictions imposed upon you by your network administrators, your provider or your country. It also provides a certain level of anonymization, and it hides from your administrators and other nosy people close to you what you are doing on the Internet.


How does it work?

It works by turning your local PC into a web proxy and a SOCKS proxy that can be used by your applications (web browser, games, whatever). Instead of connecting directly, applications can send connection requests to these “proxy servers” provided by the client part of the Your Freedom software running on your PC, and the client part will then forward these requests to the server part running on our connectivity servers through a connection protocol that is still available to you and through which the client part can reach the server part. It tunnels through firewalls, web proxies, FTP proxies and the like. Sounds complicated? Well it is, but the good news is you don’t have to worry about it, that’s their job.

Have a look at the picture below. The box on the left is your PC. Let’s say the restrictive firewall won’t let you access and you want to read your private email from your workplace; fire up the Your Freedom client and let it connect to one of our servers, configure your web browser to use it, and your web browser will be able to connect to by connecting to the Your Freedom client, who will forward the requests to one of our servers, who will then forward the request to the server. The replies from the server will take the same route backwards. clip_image002[6]

What does it cost?

A fundamental service is provided for free. It is restricted in bandwidth and the number of simultaneous streams, and there is a time limit for the connection between the client and the servers (but you may reconnect immediately).

Your Freedom provide upgrade packages that reduce or remove the bandwidth restriction and that allow for more simultaneous streams, and there are server ports that you can use to allow inbound connections to your PC or another PC in your network. The packages are available as one month, three months, six months or twelve months upgrades, and come in three different levels that we call BasicFreedom, EnhancedFreedom, and TotalFreedom.

What can I use it for?

Your Freedom can be used to overcome:

• Protocol restrictions If you cannot use certain applications or services because these applications cannot connect to the Internet in the usual way, Your Freedom may be able to help you. For example, if your favorite online game does not work in your place because someone decided that you shouldn’t play it, then try Your Freedom. Games known to work well include: WOW, EVE, Counterstrike and many others. You may not use P2P protocols because someone thinks it’s illegal1? Most P2P clients work nicely with Your Freedom, and you can even get a server port, which gives you a “high id”.

• Blacklists You may not visit certain web pages? Try Your Freedom. It turns your local PC into an unrestricted web proxy that provides access to all web pages that are generally accessible.

• Time restrictions Some users have said that they use Your Freedom to avoid time restrictions. In most cases, existing connections are not disrupted by such restrictions, and therefore all they need to do is to start the Your Freedom client before the restriction is in place, and keep it open. The connection between the client and the server part is persistent (this depends on the connection protocol, however).

More details can be found at the official website :

This post will be followed by an how-to tutorial of using Your Freedom Software. Stay tuned to this blog to know more about You Freedom and similar software’s. Do not forget to Subscribe to my RSS Feeds and follow me on Twitter.


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  2. boatbuilding says:

    I think its gud to have two firewalls and be on d safer side. one firewall is of the system itself n d other of the anti virus.

  3. Ajeet says:

    use ultrasurf , its absolutely free and much faster than your freedom without any limitations….

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  5. ashwani555 says:

    hey our college start blocking proxifire too …. tell me smeothr way to bypass my cyber roam plzzzzzz

  6. Adi says:

    ultrasurf is also easily blocked by cyberoam…

  7. Krishna Gaya2345 says:

    not work

  8. Amits7693 says:

    guys no need to use ULTRASURF ,PROXIFIER an dother carp just d/l tor browser bundle ..its free…u bet d ultimate freedom .