Logo Design Contest

// November 13th, 2010 // Old

logo design contest poster

Creative designers now have a chance to Brand the most innovative and evolving startup IT Company in Belgaum, India. dotCORD invites individuals to design an exciting, creative logo that will represent the company’s identity.

Your challenge is to create a logo that:

  • Suits an IT Brand.
  • Which includes the text “dotCORD
    Just for your reference dotCORD name was born with the following symbolization:
    dot – Symbolizes internet, technology, global
    cord – Binding dot
  • Is suitable for use online, in print etc
  • Is your own original work, and does not contain elements which are subject to third party copyright.

The name is most important and therefore an icon is not necessary if the name itself can be worked into a wordmark logo itself. The logo should be clear and inspiring and have a IT sense about it.

Winning Amout – Rs 2000/-

Logo designs can be submitted by email to connect-at-dotcord-dot-com

For more details kindly visit: http://dotcord.com/connect/2010/10/29/logo-design-contest/